2019 Will Be Avenged-less

Written by on March 7, 2019

Photo: Jonathan Weiner

If you were thinking how much you’d like to see A7X you’ll have to wait. The California rockers will take a break from touring in 2019 to focus on new additions to families and new music.

In a text conversation with radio host Lou Brutus, guitarist Zacky Vengeance stated: “I don’t think we will be doing any touring this year. Got some new babies on the way and are starting to get really focused on new material. I never deal in absolutes, but right now it’s leaning heavily towards 2020.”

Last year the band had to cancel their U.S. Summer tour due to frontman M. Shadows contracting a viral infection. Their last release was the EP Black Reign (September 21, 2018) featuring new tracks “Mad Hatter” and “Jade Helm” along with previously released tracks  “Carry On” from 2012 and “Not Ready to Die” from 2011. 

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