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Written by on November 18, 2017

Chances are if you’re a fan of the Dallas/Ft. Worth rock scene or listen to Krave Rock you’re well aware of the band Awake In Theory. For those of you not familiar, I’ll take some time to introduce you. This band is certainly worth international recognition.

Frontman Ryan Avila’s alternative background meshes perfectly with the metal styles of guitarists Terry Kimmel and Dirk Ellerd. Often over looked and under appreciated but much needed in a band for that groove sound, you have Alex Haines at bass. His bass lines creeping in behind Ryan’s soulful voice provide a certain darkness that gives this band its depth. Ray Chambers’ drums are the wind behind the sails in this ship called Awake In Theory. It is impossible to not bang your head to the heavy hits or not appreciate the soft subtle crashes of his cymbals.
This band is the full package, with influences from Alternative, Blues, Jazz, Rock, and Metal.

Although the band has been around since 2012 Lucid Dreams is their freshman EP. Make no mistake about it, their experience is well displayed in this well produced and musically pleasing EP. Produced by acclaimed producer Alex Gerst of Empire Sound, this powerful mix of Alternative, Rock, and Metal will take you on a journey through every emotion. I’ll do you the favor by not giving you my interpretation of each song.  I believe people should find the meaning of a song within their own souls.

Track 1 “The Search” This song begins with a dark and almost cold electronic feel. Ryan’s voice echoes and ushers in a hard hitting guitar and drum intro that is sure to grab your attention. The song slows and you hear true emotion, almost frustration in his search.   Two minutes and thirty three seconds in you hear a guitar solo that is spot on and perfectly timed.

Track 2 “Colder” Alex’s bass is the first thing that stands out in this song.  Ryan comes in to match with a smooth and soulful baritone.  Ray introduces his cymbals and drums to Ryan’s transition from baritone to falsetto.  A little over half way through, the song gets gritty with some mean guitar riffs, hard hitting drums, and Ryan belting out.  This song will take you from 0-60 in three minutes.

Track 3 “Barely Breathing” Immediately you know this is a ROCK song.  Everything about this song rocks.  The gas is on full throttle throughout showing off the complete package that is Awake In Theory.  Once you learn this song it is impossible not to sing along.

Track 4 “Paralyzed Eyes” Soft guitar invites you into this song with a warm and cozy feeling.  With the feel of a love song, you’re exposed to all aspects of this band, everything is in place here.  Much like the previous song, you’ll want to sing along but not cloud Ryan’s voice.  Forgive me, this song is both instrumentally and vocally pretty.

Track 5 “Monday’s Dawn” The beginning of this track is reminiscent of Ozzy and Lita Ford’s “If I Close My Eyes Forever” but quickly you realize you’re long past the time of big hair and puffy shoulder pads.  This is a modern rock song.  The double kick is powerful as are Ryan’s screams.

Track 6 “Innocence”  If you love strings this is your song.  There’s nothing “innocent” about the guitar and bass talent in this band.  If you haven’t already learned from the first five tracks on this EP it is quite obvious here.

Of course this is my opinion.  I would advise you to purchase the EP and make your own assessment.  It is most certainly worth it.  You can digitally purchase Lucid Dreams here.

These guys have played along with some big names (Starset, Gemini Syndrome, and Powerman5000 just to name a few) and have many more great shows ahead of them in the near future.  There are talks of the band hitting the road in 2018.  If you would like to see them in your town, reach out to the band or get your physical copy of Lucid Dreams on their website, find them on social media, like them, and follow them!

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