Oli Herbert, A Dead Desire, and “Here Comes The Rain Again”

Written by on April 12, 2019

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Moroni Silva of A Dead Desire released his and Oli Hebert’s beautiful rendition of the Eurythmics’ “Here Comes The Rain Again” on April 5th. This soulful and heartfelt cover immediately touches your soul.

Not only does this song speak to every bone in your body, but it takes what was already a great song and brings it up a notch. But not everybody is happy about it. Regarding the release, Oli’s widow recently posted to Facebook the following:

 “Hello everyone. This is Beth. I am aware that something was released that contained my husband’s work on it that was not finished before his death.  To be clear, if anything is to be released after Oli’s death and it isn’t All That Remains material, you need me, the executrix of the estate, to sign off on it. Also, probate was not opened until this year so any arrangements after my husband‘s death for his material but before I was named executrix is unenforceable.”

Regarding the post Moroni says, “I got the mechanical license to do the song through the Harry Fox Agency. I went through all the proper legal channels and made sure all parties involved were protected. She has no rights to the actual song by the Eurythmics and I obtained a license. So she has no say in where the song can be taken down. We also have email communications and texts that show Oli liked the end result and approved of the master.”

The full interview continues:

How did you meet Oli?

“I met Oli at the 2017 Rock Radio Convention and Awards in Las Vegas.”

How did the conversation begin about you guys working together?

“We were at the pre-party eating and decided to go to my hotel room to jam out and chill. He didn’t really feel like partying and we just wanted to relax and burn down a few. We kicked it and jammed from about 9pm until 2am when we started talking about cover songs. I mentioned that I liked Marilyn Manson’s “Sweet Dreams” version but I told him I thought Manson chose the wrong song and that I preferred “Here’s Comes The Rain Again”. So he said “Let’s do it!”

“So we started working on it and I had a voice memo recording by 3am. I listened to it after I opened the convention. I was blown away by the solo he did so I found him and had him listen. He told me we were going to do an acoustic cover and if it did good on the radio that All That Remains would do a full metal version of the song featuring A Dead Desire. I was all in!”

Great Choice! It is a beautiful song! It also shows how diverse Oli was. How long did it take to record?

“He recorded the guitar in about 30 minutes or so with Benny Goodman. When I got the scratch tracks, it took about an hour to get the cello and around 30 minutes to get the vocals down the way we wanted them. Studio time was probably around three hours or so. I’m not sure the exact amount of time involved in the mixing for Benny, but he contributed a lot to the project and I’m grateful for that.”

Who’s idea was it to add the cello?

My producer mentioned possibly adding a cello part and it sounded like it would fit perfectly so we hired a professional by the name of Aaron Child to come in and lay it down.”

A great compliment to your voice and Oli’s guitar. Was he able to hear the final mastered version?

“He did, he loved it and was excited to get it released. It’s extremely unfortunate that he couldn’t be with us when it finally came out. Such a great guy.”

Give us a little background on A Dead Desire. What was your inspiration for the band?

“A Dead Desire started in 2015 after I attended an Ayahuasca Ceremony in Mt. Shasta, CA. I went with the intention of ridding myself to an addiction to heroin. I suffered from a 13 year opiate dependency.”

“During my vision, I saw a dead body on the ground next to me which terrified me. No one else was paying attention to it but me. I leaned over to see the face of the corpse and saw that it was me. My skin had no color and was decomposing. I felt like I was having a heart attack when a spirit guide helped me and informed me that I witnessed the death of my addiction but also told me that it was also the result of what would happen to me if I used opiates willingly ever again. The desire to use heroin and opiates died in that ceremony, A Dead Desire.”

Beautiful story and congratulations!

You can find A Dead Desire on Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify. Also, be sure to subscribe to their Youtube Channel.

-Jackie Wilde #staywilde

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