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Written by on August 2, 2019

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August 2, 2019 became a monumental day for Tool fans everywhere. For the first time ever Tool music became available on all major digital services. While some streaming stations such as this one have been playing Tool, the band gave up their holdout on digital sales and streaming on major outlets.

Maynard has stated in the past he wasn’t the reason for the holdout but has never elaborated on the band’s decision to not embrace streaming and online downloads. Regardless, the interwebs went crazy when the time finally came; proving that not only is rock not dead but also simultaneously showing the loyalty of fans.

For the record, the iTunes Chart only tracks downloads, meaning only the tracks people pay for. Where does Tool sit at the time of this article?

All five albums including the Opiate EP are in the iTunes Album Top 10 with Aenima at #2 behind Drake’s Care Package, Lateralus #4, 10,000 Days #5, Undertow #6, and Opiate sitting at #8. With Skillet’s Victorious sitting at #7 and Volbeat’s Rewind, Replay, Rebound (Deluxe) at #9, this is very significant as rock/metal is currently dominating the iTunes Top 10 Albums.

Various singles are killing as well. “Sober” is second only to Ariana Grande’s “Boyfriend” beating out Lil Nas’ “Old Town Road” which was recently awarded the longest running #1 single of all time. “Schism”, “Forty Six and 2”, and “Stinkfist” are currently holding on to the 6th, 7th, and 8th slots respectively. “The Pot” currently closes out the Top 10 Singles.

A look further shows “Aenima” at #11, “Vicarious” #15, “Lateralus” #18, “Prison Sex” #20, “Eulogy #26, “Parabola” #29, “Jambi” #30, and “H.” #34.

The hype over Tool’s upcoming album Fear Inoculum (due August 30) has been building but this has certainly added fuel to the fire.

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