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Written by on January 10, 2020

Photo Courtesy: Aaron Fairooz 

Dallas guitarist Darren DPaul Wise is the man behind the music on the Drew Pearson Live show on WFAA Channel 8. He has been music director for the TV show since 2013.

Originally from south Louisiana and a musical family; Darren came to Dallas in the 90’s just as the local music scene was hitting its prime. I had the opportunity to catch up to Darren to talk about the show, some of his favorite projects, and more.

How long have you been in music?

“I’ve been in music my whole life. My parents are musicians so it was easy to get into and they were always very supportive.” 

What is your musical background?

“I played in a lot of bands and music projects. This lead to relationships in the music business. You’re pretty much always networking to find the next thing that’s right for you.”

What is your favorite guitar?

“I’ve had an artist deal with PRS Guitars since 2013 and like everything they make. For every style of music there’s the right guitar for that sound and they’ve got it covered.” 

Do you play other instruments?

“Not enough to say that I play other instruments but I wish I were better at the piano.”

What do you find more rewarding, touring with a band or creating your own music?

“I love to do all of those things. It usually comes down to the chemistry of the people you’re working with and where they are in life. I go into every project excited and enthusiastic or I wouldn’t agree to do them. Good music takes the right energy and attitude to put it out there.” 

What inspires you the most?

Wanting to give the listener something they want to hear. The challenge of creating the right music for a band, TV show or commercial is inspiring.”

How long have you been writing/creating theme and segment music and how did it begin?

“I was playing in a band that got some music charted and was asked to create the theme for a pilot TV show. That show didn’t work out but they liked the music so they asked for music for Gas Monkey Garage. Then came another show, some commercials, a film and went from there.” 

For the work you’ve done so far, various commercials, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, TV shows, do you have a favorite or one you are most proud of?

“It’s cool to create stuff that’s relatable in such a mainstream way but probably most proud of music I’ve put into charities. I have a song used by the Wounded Warrior Project, a children’s cancer research and some others. Being able to do anything to help those that need it most is a good feeling.”

How did you land the Drew Pearson Live Show?

“When the show was started in 2013 I had already done some music for the creator and producer. They asked me for a theme song and submitted it to various networks they were pitching. Everyone thought it was a good fit and we’ve continued working together.”

Are you a Cowboys fan?


What do you think of the Mike McCarthy hire?

“I think he’s a great coach, we’ll see how the chemistry works out with the players and fans.”

Thank you Darren! We all wish you much continued success!

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